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10 Interesting Facts about Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a practice of remodeling the body parts which a person doesn’t feel comfortable having. Plastic surgery has evolved over the years from use of crude tools such as knives to sophisticated medical machines which have also helped to achieve better results.

The ten interesting fact you may not have known about plastic surgery Thailand are as follows;

1. Plastic surgery in Thailand became serious in the later part of twentieth century when the nation was faced with financial crunch. Surgeons were sent out overseas to learn the act and high quality equipment purchased by the government. This action paid off years later and Thailand became one of medical tourist destination.

2. Germany is the place where the first breast augmentation was carried out. It was done on a singer who had growth in her breast. The growth was removed and she was lucky to have lipoma on her back which was cutout and then transplanted back into her breast.

3. Ramtin Kassir, a plastic surgeon organized a plastic surgery show for his clients to show off their before and after pictures as they walked down the runway. A list of all the procedures they had undergone is also displayed. This was his way of sourcing new clients.

4. The amount Americans spend on plastic surgery and the amount of Americans going for plastic surgery is on the rise; from ten billion dollars in 2009 to eleven billion dollars. The number of procedures is also on the rise; from 2.1 million different surgical procedures in 1997 to 6.1 million surgical process in 2012.

5. Plastic surgery Thailand is highly standard like in Europe and America but at two-third of what it would cost you in either of the two continents. Asia has the most competitive price in plastic surgery in the world.

6. Former US president, Bill Clinton was the first to put forward the bill that allowed insurance policies to cover plastic surgery. The law allowed breast augmentation to be covered by insurance which appeared to be a huge burden on the surgeons and their clients.

7. Rhinoplasty and breast augmentation are the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the world. Record has it that about 90 percent of all plastic surgery carried out is either of the two.

8. Facelift which is one of the quickest plastic surgery that can be done is by far the costliest at over $6,000. The sad part of it is that it is not always a success and if anything should go wrong, an equivalent or more of the initial price would have to be spent to fix it.

9. Many years ago, plastic surgery was considered sinful because it was seen as alteration of God’s perfect plan. However, with more soldiers coming out of battle with scars only plastic surgery could fix, it became inevitable.

10. In 600 B.C, the first Rhinoplasty was performed in India. The nose was reshaped with skin from the forehead and cheeks and wooden tubes inserted into the nostrils aided air passage during recovery.