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Is Plastic Surgery in Thailand Safe?

Plastic Surgery, a boon of medical science, is a procedure which can alter, reshape or restore the form of human body. There are a large number of medical institutes and centers worldwide that offer plastic surgery but plastic surgery Thailand stands out because of low cost (they offer surgery at a price two-third of what you would get in Europe), post-surgery monitoring and the diversity of surgery that can be carried out in one place.

Plastic surgery is a medical adjustment of morphology that includes areas such as Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Blepharoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Tummy tuck, Alarplasty or sex reassignment or simple modification of the appearance of each part.

Another factor that makes plastic surgery in Thailand to stand out is that their hospitals are highly equipped with ultra-modern facilities. This was not by accident but a cautious move by the government to attract medical tourists in a bid to get out of financial recession the nation found herself in the later part of 1990.

Plastic surgery is not an entirely safe process (which explains why some documents have to be signed before the commencement of the operation) but there are certain circumstances that further cast shadows on the safety of doing plastic surgery in Thailand and other packages they offer.

There are various cases such as the case of Helena Grace that shows how difficult it can be for plastic surgeons to please their clients. Helen Grace in 2010 decided to have a Rhinoplasty in one of the plastic surgery hospital in Thailand. She gave the description of what she wanted but when she woke up, she felt she got less than what she desired and had to go for a corrective surgery in the US. The hospital where she did the first surgery suffered because they had to give her a full refund of her money.

However, Thailand plastic surgery hospitals have received international accreditation and this wouldn’t have been possible if the process is not safe. Again, the handful number of failures may just be clash of interest or one of those unavoidable accidents that happens in life.

If plastic surgery in Thailand is not safe the amount of medical tourists should have declined but that is not so because in 2015, Thailand earned $3 billion in excess from medical tourism representing a revenue increase of 15 percent year-on-year (this rise in figure can be the effect of effective advertising).

It is also on record that Thailand provided medical service to 2.81 million medical tourists in 2015, and increase in the figure of the previous year. The success and safety of plastic surgery Thailand clinics can be attributed to private owned clinics whose owners invest heavily to keep their equipment upgraded while luring expert surgeons from all over the world to come and render their services in Thailand.

Lastly, a statistical analysis of plastic surgery in Thailand shows that the percentage of failure is in the safe zone because in the real sense, no one can guarantee 100 percent success every time.