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Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is an interesting aspect of medicine that has come to stay. It has gained acceptance by both male and female and virtually all parts of the body can be altered or enhanced. Plastic surgery which is also called cosmetics surgery is done either for medical or aesthetic reasons but no matter the reason for opting for plastic surgery Thailand, there are pros and cons to be considered.

Pros of Plastic Surgery

Some of the pros of plastic surgery are as follows;

  1. To Eliminate Social Stigma

Those that have had accidents or burns or some other birth defects may face social stigma because of their appearance. High level of stigmatization can drive such people into irrational acts such as taking their own life. For them, plastic surgery is a must to build their confidence.

  1. To Nip Future Health Risks in the Bud

One of the deadly health risks that can be prevented using plastic surgery is Cancer. A woman whose family has a medical record of breast cancer will need her breasts to be removed at some point in her life to eliminate the risk of coming down with the disease. When the breasts are excised, it takes plastic surgery to reconstruct her breasts so that she is not robbed of her feminine look.

  1. To be in Control of Our Looks

Sometimes, we just look at people and wish to look like them or wish to have their breasts or buttocks or complexion. With plastic surgery, all that is possible.

Cons of Plastic Surgery

The cons of going through plastic surgery are as follows;

  1. Possible Complications of Plastic Surgery

Complication is very common in plastic surgery especially if it has to do with the face. In some cases, it is reported that those who had undergone a nose surgery had to suffer from breathing problems. Also, pain is another ugly outcome of plastic surgery that the client has to contend with in addition to the long time it takes to recover.

  1. Expectations may Differ from Outcome

There are often clash of interest between expectation and outcome. Most often, the client would have something in mind but after the surgery, they look into the mirror and see something else resulting in legal disputes most times. This most time has nothing to do with the skill of the surgeon but with the client not being sure of what they really wanted in the first place.

  1. Plastic Surgery is a Costly Procedure

No doubt, plastic surgery is not done on a platter of gold. It costs awful lot of money. Little wonder some people have to travel from US to Thailand to get it at a reduced cost. Also, in the event of complications, more money has to be spent for a corrective surgery.

Going through the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery will help any one with intention of having a plastic surgery to reassess and ready themselves in case the procedure goes either ways.